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It is the responsibility of all of us to preserve and improve water heritage: Dr. Yadav

It is the responsibility of all of us to preserve and improve water heritage: Dr. Yadav

Expressing the government’s commitment towards the all-round development of the state as well as social concerns, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that the government has decided to celebrate World Environment Day not as a one-day program but as a “Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan” for the entire fortnight from June 5 to June 16 for water conservation and promotion. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was addressing the public meeting organized after doing shramdaan for the cleanliness of Sangram Sagar pond under Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan at Bajna Math. He said that in the Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan, a mega campaign for cleaning rivers, ponds, check dams, old stepwells with public cooperation and revival of water structures is going on in every district of the state.

On this occasion, in front of the Chief Minister, an agreement was also signed with the Milk Union to sell the products of Kodo-Kutki by the women self-help group of Kundam in Sanchi Parlour under the Rural Livelihood Mission and the beneficiaries were also benefited under various schemes.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that it is a matter of good fortune to be born as a human on earth. For man, the entire earth is his home. He said that from this point of view, it is the responsibility of all of us to beautify and preserve the water heritage of the earth. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav also mentioned the development and water conservation works done by Queen Durgavati of the Gondwana Empire.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the government is continuously working towards the betterment of the people and social concern. He said that the government will leave no stone unturned for the development of the state. He assured that the government will continuously take concrete steps towards the creation of industries and employment generation. Dr. Yadav announced in front of the people present that soon air taxi service will be started from Jabalpur to Rewa, Bhopal and Singrauli. Also informed that for better treatment and convenience of common citizens of the state, air ambulance facility will be provided.

Life is zero without water – Minister Rakesh Singh

Public Works Minister Rakesh Singh while addressing the public meeting said that life is zero without water and the global crisis which is in front of us in the form of water crisis and in this scorching heat, the Chief Minister decided that under the Jal Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan, the government will go to every district and revive such structures that provide water and on this occasion the Chief Minister has come for the cleanliness campaign in Sangram Sagar pond.

Public Works Minister Mr. Singh said that we all have seen the condition of this historic Sangram Sagar pond of Rani Durgavati period years ago and at that time I did the work of its cleaning campaign with the help of all of you and after that it was developed as a tourist destination and today its beautiful form is in front of you.

Mr. Singh said that Chief Minister Dr. Yadav today saw the stepwell of Garha area and after its rejuvenation, he sipped the water of that stepwell. This proves that the restoration work of the stepwell has been successful and if we have the support of all of you, we will work to preserve not just one or two ponds or stepwells but many such water structures. He said that this campaign will bring results in the entire state and Madhya Pradesh will become capable and prosperous in terms of water. At the end of the public meeting, Mayor Jagat Bahadur Singh Annu thanked all the invitees.

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