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Entry of Nautapa: 9 days of heat will increase restlessness

Entry of Nautapa: 9 days of heat will increase restlessness

Delhi . Scorching heat is prevailing in many parts of the country including North India. With the end of the month of May, the period of ‘Nautpa’ is about to begin. During this period, there will be extreme heat for 9 days.
If you are thinking that the heat will not bother you in the morning, then this is a big misunderstanding on your part. During Nautapa, fire will start raining from the sky early in the morning. Nautapa has started from 25th May i.e. today.
What is Nautapa?
Nautapa which is also called Navtap. During these 9 days, the heat is at its peak and the intense sunlight continues. Its arrival occurs in the first 9 days of Jyeshtha month. It is said that at this time the Sun transits in Rohini Nakshatra. These 9 days of the year are the hottest and in such a situation you have to take utmost care of your health.
How much will the mercury rise in these 9 days?
There will be a period of chaos from 25th May to 3rd June. The temperature will reach very high in these 9 days. Talking about Delhi-NCR, the mercury is expected to reach 47 degrees in the coming 9 days. In view of the scorching heat, the Meteorological Department has issued a red alert and advised people to be cautious.
Why are these 9 days so hot?

Actually, at this time the sun’s rays fall directly on the earth. During Nautapa, the Sun is closest to the Earth due to which there is intense heat.

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