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Chinese military planes and ships seen around Taiwan

Chinese military planes and ships seen around Taiwan

There has been tension between China and Taiwan for a long time. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan. Let us tell you that Taiwan has often expressed concern about China’s military activities and its ambitions to forcibly reunite Taiwan with the mainland. The MND has issued daily reports on Chinese military activities for the past few years. According to this, those Chinese planes, drones and balloons have been identified which have been found crossing the middle line of the Taiwan Strait and coming towards Taiwan.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense (MND) detected seven military aircraft and seven People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships. The Taiwan Armed Forces (ROCArmedForces) monitored and immediately responded, the MND said.

The Taiwan Defense Ministry posted on Twitter that at 6 a.m. today, 7 PLA aircraft and 7 PLAN ships operating around Taiwan were detected. On Saturday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense confirmed the detection of a significant presence of Chinese military aircraft and ships near Taiwan.

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