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Princes are speaking the language of Naxalites against industrialists: PM Modi

Princes are speaking the language of Naxalites against industrialists: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a huge election rally in Ghatshila of Jamshedpur Lok Sabha seat of Jharkhand on Sunday, strongly attacked Congress, JMM and RJD.

The Prime Minister said that the princes of Congress are speaking the language of Naxalites. They are continuously attacking industries and industrialists. Naxalites did not allow any industrialist to do any work without taking money. We broke the back of those Naxalites, but now Congress and JMM have taken the responsibility of those Naxalites. They are not concerned with the development of industries, but with corruption and extortion.

PM raised the question that when the princes of Congress will oppose the industrialists and investors, then in the states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Telangana, Jharkhand, where Congress and its allies are in power, who will be the investor and who will set up the industry? The governments of Congress and its parties are playing with the future of the youth there by creating an atmosphere against industries and industrialists.

Accusing the JMM-Congress-RJD government in Jharkhand of looting the state, he said that mountains of currency notes are coming out of the houses of their leaders and officers. Today, when the name of Jharkhand is mentioned, the picture comes to mind not of a state rich in mineral resources, but of a mountain of looted notes. Modi is getting the looted money withdrawn from their hideouts. This is the money of the rights of the poor, tribals, Dalits, backward people and your children. He said that this is his guarantee that he will return the money to those from whom it has been looted. The government is exploring legal avenues for this.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, the Prime Minister said that these people are also writing the will of the Parliament seat. Prince fled from Wayanad and reached Rae Bareli and is saying that this is his mother’s seat. His mother is saying that she is handing over Rae Bareli to her son. Didn’t they find even a single worker who had been serving Rae Bareli for 50-60 years?

Describing Congress as the mother of corruption, the Prime Minister said that it made records in countless scams, its ally RJD got the poor to register their lands in exchange of jobs and JMM learned the same character from them. JMM did land scam in Jharkhand, grabbed the lands of poor tribals and tried to grab the army’s land. We want to build an airport in Dhalbhumgarh, Jamshedpur, but JMM and Congress are trying to create hurdles in it.

The Prime Minister said that the country’s economy, development of industries and small industries, national security, agriculture and forest produce and the future of the youth should be discussed in the elections, but Congress and JMM are not concerned with these things. They don’t even know the alphabet of development.

He said that I know the pain of the poor and have worked continuously for them for 10 years. We have brought 25 crore people out of poverty, opened Jan Dhan accounts of 52 crore people and given permanent houses to 4 crore people. Tap water has been supplied to every house.

PM Modi said, the Constitution is under threat from Indi alliance. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was against reservation on the basis of religion, but these people talk about snatching reservation from Dalits, tribals and backward classes and giving it to Muslims. It has also started in some states. We had asked Congress to give a written guarantee that they will not give reservation in the name of religion, but they are still silent on this.

The Prime Minister appealed to make BJP candidate Vidyut Varan Mahato victorious from Jamshedpur and said that every vote of yours will go to Modi.

Jharkhand State BJP President Babulal Marandi also addressed the public meeting. On this occasion, Union Minister Arjun Munda and Leader of Opposition in Jharkhand Assembly Amar Kumar Bauri were also present.

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