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Work going on in 212 rivers in the state under “Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan”: Chief Minister Dr. Yadav

Work going on in 212 rivers in the state under "Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan": Chief Minister Dr. Yadav

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said in a public dialogue meeting organized at Laxmanbagh premises in Rewa that the work of water conservation will continue continuously. Under the “Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan”, ancient water sources are being cleaned and renovated across the state. Cleaning and water conservation work is being done in 212 rivers in the state. Under the campaign, water conservation work worth Rs 3676 crore is being done across the state. So far, more than 18 lakh people have participated in these by donating their labour. We will not let the cows remain destitute. The amount of food for the cows in the cowshed has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 40. Large cowsheds will be constructed at suitable places in all the assembly constituencies of the state, in which thousands of cows will get shelter simultaneously.

On reaching Rewa, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav first worshipped Gau-Mata in the Laxmanbagh temple complex and fed the cows. In the “Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan”, the Chief Minister cleaned the ghat in the Bichiya river and cleaned the ancient stepwell and planted Parijat saplings. The Chief Minister prayed at the Laxmanbagh temple and wished for the development of the state and the welfare of the people of the state. In the Jan-Samvad organized in the temple complex, the Chief Minister said that Vindhya is such a holy land where Lord Shri Ram spent 11 years of his exile. The Laxmanbagh temple complex is very holy. Along with Dev Sthan, there is a school, cow-shed, reservoir, river and lush green trees here. All the four ashrams of man get completeness in this complex. The ancient stepwell here has become very beautiful. It has got new life in the Jal-Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan.

The Chief Minister said that the country is developing rapidly under the leadership of the country’s illustrious Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the special initiative of the Prime Minister, free air ambulance facility has been started for the poor holding Ayushman card. Doctors will be deployed with life saving equipment in the aircraft and helicopters involved in this. Chitrakoot, Ujjain, Omkareshwar and other major religious places will be connected through helicopter service. Initially, there will be facility to go from Ujjain to Omkareshwar, Indore and Bhopal. The Chief Minister said that Rewa is developing rapidly. Employment opportunities will be created by setting up industries based on minerals in the Vindhya region. Rewa and Singrauli have received the gift of air taxi facility today. Soon the Rewa airport will be inaugurated and the facility of transportation by big aircraft will be available.

In the ceremony, Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla said that today the Chief Minister has come to the Laxmanbagh temple complex for water conservation works. The journey of the four Dhams in Vindhya is considered complete only when the visit to the Laxmanbagh temples is included in it. In this complex, along with the work of water conservation, more than 700 cows are being served continuously for the last 10 years. Thousands of cows are also being protected in the Basaman Mama Gau-Abharanya. All the gods are believed to reside in cow-mother. No worship is complete without cow dung and cow urine. Cow-mother is the epitome of purity. The Deputy Chief Minister said that a cleanliness drive will soon be launched in the Bichhiya river. The drain water found in it will be released into the river only after being treated in the sewer treatment plant. We will make it green by planting two lakh saplings in Rewa Municipal Corporation area. Rathara pond, Kuber pond, Jhalbadri pond, Rani pond, Chirhula pond in Rewa have been renovated and made beautiful and attractive.

In the ceremony, MP Janardan Mishra said that Chief Minister Dr. Yadav has awakened the spirit of water conservation among the general public by running Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan. The Chief Minister has provided an amount of Rs 4 thousand crore to the irrigation projects of Rewa. This will provide irrigation facilities in about 9 lakh acres in the district. By starting the air taxi service today, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav has given a big gift to Vindhya. 980 works are being done under Jal-Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan in Rewa. So far 533 new water conservation works have been approved. The work of renovation of 1030 farm ponds and 157 rivers and canals of the district is being done. 352 rain harvester systems are being built in various buildings. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, Rewa will develop rapidly in every field.

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