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Trains are running late for hours in the scorching heat.

Trains are running late for hours in the scorching heat.

Travelling in trains in the summer season is proving to be a burden for the passengers, because most of the long distance trains are arriving and departing late by five to ten hours. Azad Hind Express is arriving and departing with the maximum delay of 20 to 25 hours. This trend has been going on for the last several days. Due to this, passengers travelling in the general class are getting sick due to the heat. Every day some passenger is getting down at the station after falling sick. There is a huge crowd in the station waiting for the trains. The situation is such that it is difficult to even stand on the platform.

Due to summer vacation, all the express trains are running completely packed. Due to the delay, people have to sleep in the waiting hall or on the platform from the scorching afternoon to midnight. Women, children and the elderly are facing the most trouble among the people who have come with the family. For the last several months, the railways has not been able to run the trains on time. Passengers have to spend four to 13 hours in the station waiting for the train. The same situation prevailed on Saturday as well. Trains coming from Howrah, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi reached the railway station hours late.

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