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Madhya Pradesh

State Tiger Force got huge success

State Tiger Force got huge success

On May 25, 2024, State Tiger Force Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal and Regional Unit Indore seized rare living animals Iguana (Iguana iguana) and Emperor Scorpion (Pandanus imperator) listed in Schedule-IV and registered a case under Section 49M, 49Q of Wildlife (Protection) Act-1972 as amended-2022 and CITES Living Animal Species Rules-2024. Taking further action in the said case, the main gang leader Kartik resident Delhi was arrested on June 8, 2024 and produced before the Special Court Indore and taken on Forest Police remand.

On the information given by the said accused, while taking action in Bulandshahr (U.P.) outside the state, on June 9, 2024, a large quantity of rare living animal species listed in Schedule-IV, Iguana, Sunconure, Agapornis Bird, Kikkinyan-Sandboa, Savanna Lizard, Emperor Scorpion, Tarantola Spider and banned Indian wildlife species listed in Schedule-I and II, Yellow Monitor, Black Kite, Water Monitor were seized and one more accused was arrested and samples of more than 40 animal species were seized from the gang.

The gang involved in the case created impersonation accounts in Parivesh 1.0 and Parivesh 2.0 and carried out illegal trade of rare foreign animal species in large quantities in different states of the country without any solid documents. Action is also being taken in other states outside the country.

Presently, in relation to CITES living animal species, Living Animal Species (Reporting and Registration) Rules-2024 have been implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Government of India, New Delhi, under which it is necessary to register the transfer of ownership of living animal species recorded in Appendix I, II and III of Schedule-IV of Wildlife (Protection) Act-1972 as amended-2022 through PARIVESH PORTAL 2.0, for which online applications can be made on the portal till 31 August 2024. Every person who has living animal species as above, must register himself through this portal. Legal action will be taken against those who do not have registration certificate after 31 August 2024.

The general public is also informed not to buy any CITES living animal which is not registered in Parivesh 2.0. Pet shop sellers are also directed that they will not sell such living animal species without registration and after registration, they will ensure that the transfer/sale is done through Parivesh 2.0. The central government has also made a provision for punishment in case of violation of the rule.

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