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SECL organises various programs during Swachchta Pakhwada 2024

Pakhwada sees enthusiastic participation from employees and general public

Following the directives of the Ministry of Coal, Government of India, SECL organized Swachhata Pakhwada this year across its headquarters and all operational areas. The Swachhata Pakhwada, held from June 16 to 30, featured various programs in SECL’s mines, offices, colonies, and other locations to promote the message of cleanliness.
The event was inaugurated on June 15 by CMD Dr. Prem Sagar Mishra, who administered the Swachhata pledge to all employees at the headquarters. Officers and employees in SECL’s operational areas also pledged to contribute 100 hours of voluntary service towards cleanliness every year.
In Bilaspur, street plays were performed by DAV School students at various city locations to raise awareness about cleanliness and encourage the reduction of single-use plastics. Similarly, street plays, folk songs, and kirtans were organized in various SECL operational areas to convey the message of cleanliness. Jute bags were distributed in local markets to reduce plastic usage.
The message of cleanliness and the importance of reducing plastic use was also shared via social media. Additionally, cleanliness drives were conducted in the headquarters and operational areas’ mines, offices, hospitals, and colonies. Dustbins were distributed to promote the proper management of wet and dry waste.
During the Pakhwada, the rainwater harvesting systems at SECL were cleaned and maintained. Plants were distributed to people in nearby villages and towns to promote environmental conservation.
The 15-day event saw enthusiastic participation from SECL officers, employees, their family members, women, children, and the general public from nearby villages and towns. Various competitions were also organized, and winners were awarded on the final day of the Pakhwada.

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