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If you are troubled by diarrhea in the changing season, then take care of yourself like this

If you are troubled by diarrhea in the changing season, then take care of yourself like this

If you are also facing the problem of diarrhea and loose motion in the changing season, then we will tell you some special natural drinks and diet. For your information, let us tell you that you can cure these diseases with the natural drinks of grandmothers.

It is very important to stay hydrated in diarrhea: To get rid of diarrhea, keep your body hydrated as much as possible. In such a situation, drink as much water as possible. Only then you will recover quickly. If you are not drinking water, then instead of this you can also drink electrical water.

Lemon-salt-sugar solution: If you want to get rid of stomach problems, then make a solution of lemon, salt and sugar. You can also include this in the diet.

Coconut water: The elements found in coconut water are also beneficial for curing diarrhea. Drinking coconut water removes the lack of water in the body. Frequent bathroom visits also cause dehydration in the body.

Strict abstinence from tea/coffee: If you are suffering from diarrhea, then in such a situation, you should avoid tea and coffee. Actually, dairy products can also trigger diarrhea.

Include Khichdi in the diet: If you are suffering from diarrhea, then you must eat Khichdi. Instead of eating food 3 times a day, you should definitely eat it after a short gap.

Why do we complain of constipation or diarrhea when the heat increases?

Heat not only damages our skin but it also affects our digestive system badly. It also reduces the flow of digestive enzymes to a great extent. Due to heat, constipation and sometimes diarrhea can also be a complaint. Apart from this, during hot weather, people drink so much cold water or cold drinks that the digestive system starts shrinking due to this. This causes complaints of cramps and diarrhea. That is why it is often said that one should not drink cold water or cold drinks when it is very hot. Due to which the digestive process gets affected. Heat can cause the proliferation of harmful bacteria and parasites. This can lead to infections, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain and dehydration.

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