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Promote the use of helmets as a social responsibility: Finance Minister Chaudhary

Promote the use of helmets as a social responsibility: Finance Minister Chaudhary

Raipur. State Finance Minister O.P. Chaudhary, who specially attended the helmet distribution program under the special campaign being run by Raigarh District Police for traffic awareness, has talked about promoting the use of helmets as a social responsibility.

Addressing the program, O.P. Chaudhary said that we all know the importance of using helmets while driving two-wheelers on the road. Driving without a helmet is a major reason for people losing their lives in road accidents. But most people ignore it by being careless. One should give up the tendency of not understanding the seriousness of the matter until a calamity befalls oneself. The entire family is badly affected by the untimely death of anyone in the family. He appealed to the general public to understand their safety and their responsibility towards their family, society and country, wear a helmet while driving. Follow the traffic rules. He appreciated this campaign being run by Raigarh Police and appealed to the people of the state to contribute in reducing road accidents as responsible citizens by following traffic rules.

Under the special campaign being run by Raigarh District Police, helmets are being distributed while taking challan action as per rules to reduce the death rate in road accidents and to make people aware about helmets. Raigarh District Police has set a target of distributing helmets to more than five thousand people during the campaign. In this work, cooperation of industries and social organizations of the district is being received.

Finance Minister O.P. Choudhary distributed helmets with advice to two-wheeler drivers who were riding without helmets. During this, everyone was appealed to wear helmets for safe traffic. Collector Kartikeya Goyal, Superintendent of Police Divyang Kumar Patel, local public representatives, members of voluntary organizations and common citizens participated in the program.

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