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Name will be visible on receiving unknown call, fake callers will not be spared

Name will be visible on receiving unknown call, fake callers will not be spared

The government has started trial of Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) service to stop fraud calls, so that those who make fraudulent calls can be identified. According to the report, telecom companies have also started trial of these services in Mumbai Haryana. In such a situation, it is expected that this service can be rolled out in India soon. This service will be like Truecaller, in which the name of the user will be visible. However, this is a government service, in which the real name of the caller will be visible, the ID with which the caller would have bought the SIM, whereas this does not happen in Truecaller.

You will get rid of the problem of fraud calls
The government has put pressure on telecom operators to implement this service, so that the problem of fraud calls can be solved. Also, it can help in blocking fake international calls. People were getting complaints of cheating with unknown messages and calls. Mobile users were being looted in the name of taking loan, taking credit card or SIM card KYC. The government is also starting a new number series to identify banking and promotional calls, which will start with a different number so that promotional and banking calls can be easily identified.

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