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Madhya Pradesh

MP: Target to plant more than 5 crore trees in the state

MP: Target to plant more than 5 crore trees in the state

A total of 5.5 crore saplings will be planted in the state till Hariyali Amavasya during the rainy season. Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said this today at a function organized at Ram Ghat on the occasion of the conclusion of the two-day Shipra Tirtha Parikrama on the occasion of Ganga Dashami.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the resolution of conservation of water structures is coming true. Our aim is that the rivers and reservoirs and other water sources of the state should be conserved and remain pollution free. In the Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan going on in the state, from June 5 till today, more than 2700 structures have been built and renovated in urban areas at a cost of 28 crores and more than 2300 structures have been built and renovated in rural areas at a cost of Rs 26 crore. The water structure of Ujjain’s urban area has also been improved, after which it will look beautiful. A resolution has been taken to conserve 212 rivers in the state, in which conservation work will be done from the origin to the last end. He said that in the coming time, plantation will be done near water structures. Praising the people of Gwalior, the Chief Minister said that the citizens here have saved the water structure with public participation. Now there is a possibility of five crore liters of water being stored in this structure. Similarly, he also informed about the lake of Sagar.

Regarding the Simhastha to be held in the year 2028, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the Simhastha of Ujjain has its place in the world. Works will be done in Khandwa, Ujjain and other cities at a cost of Rs 20 thousand crore for Simhastha. We get blessings and values ​​in life from temples. The accomplishment of resolutions is also achieved from temples and one also experiences happiness. The work of conservation and repair of temples will continue continuously. Giving an example, he said that Maharani Mata Ahilya of Indore got temples constructed all over the country. Being a female ruler, she got temples built. Similarly, he also narrated stories of bravery of Rani Durgavati of Gondwana state. On this occasion, he told that PM Shri religious tourism heli service has been started in the state. The Chief Minister also informed about the scheme of providing free air ambulance service to Ayushman card holders and those above 70 years of age. Air ambulance service will be available for everyone. Apart from Ayushman card holders, others can use this service by paying a fee.

On this occasion, the State’s Urban Development and Housing Minister Mr. Vijayvargiya said that Chief Minister Dr. Yadav has given a grand, holy and supernatural form to the Ganga Dussehra festival. A new aura is visible all around Ram Ghat. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, wonderful work has been done to conserve water structures in the state. Work has been done to preserve and beautify our archaeological and historical heritage. He said that the country’s illustrious Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi appealed to everyone on Environment Day to plant a tree in the name of their mother. In this way, 140 crore trees will be planted across the country. Indore has also set a target of planting more than 51 lakh trees on a large scale. Ujjain should also plan to cover its area with greenery by planting trees on a large scale, so that in the coming Simhastha, devotees can sit in the shade of the planted trees. He praised the state for working towards environmental protection and pollution control.

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