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Indore city will get the gift of another big pond

Indore city will get the gift of another big pond

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has appealed to the citizens to recognize the need of the hour and stop the wastage of water and conserve water as much as possible. More and more trees should also be planted for environmental improvement. Dr. Yadav said that the falling groundwater level is a matter of concern. Collective efforts are required to increase the groundwater level. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, the state government has started the Jal Ganga Samvardhan Abhiyan. This campaign will continue continuously.

Dr. Yadav was addressing the Shramdaan program organized to make an unused pond located in Bhanvarsala of Indore city useful, increase its water capacity and beautify it. On this occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav did Shramdaan along with Urban Administration and Development Minister Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya and Water Resources Minister Shri Tulsiram Silawat and other public representatives and citizens. MP Shri Shankar Lalwani, Mayor Shri Pushyamitra Bhargava, District Panchayat President Smt. Reena Malviya, MLA Shri Ramesh Mendola, Shri Mahendra Hardia Shri, Golu Shukla and Shri Madhu Verma, Shri Gaurav Randive, Shri Chintu Verma, MIC Member Shri Abhishek Sharma, Madhya Pradesh Scheduled Caste Finance Development Corporation President Shri Sawan Sonkar and other public representatives were also specially present in the program.

Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav told about Jal Ganga Sanvardhan Abhiyan. He said that this campaign will enrich the entire state with water and will be a big step towards environmental improvement. He said that although this campaign is being concluded today on Ganga Dashami, but this campaign will neither stop nor stop in view of the importance of water, it will continue uninterrupted. He said that life is connected to water. The body is made up of five elements. If even one of these elements is reduced, then the existence of life ends. Water is also an element for life, which is very important to be saved. He said that we have to understand the utility of water. Water has to be saved. Its wastage has to be stopped. Water should be stored as much as possible.

Water Resources Minister Shri Tulsiram Silawat said that the state government is working with new resolve and new thinking for the development of the state. A new momentum is being given to the development of the entire state. The subject of water conservation and promotion is being given attention in the state. In all the urban and rural areas of the state, work is being done to increase the water capacity by renovating and deepening wells, stepwells, ponds and rivers.

Mayor Shri Pushyamitra Bhargava told in detail about the work being done in Indore city under the Jal Ganga Conservation Campaign. He said that the cleaning of more than 131 wells and stepwells in Indore city is being done with public participation. The channels of water inflow in ponds and rivers are being cleaned rapidly. 10 thousand works are also being done for the collection of rainwater. Hundred recharge shafts are also being constructed for water conservation. The work of deepening three big ponds is also being done.

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