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Bhavna Bohra inaugurated the Jan Seva Hi Bhavna Center in Indori

Bhavna Bohra inaugurated the Jan Seva Hi Bhavna Center in Indori

Kawardha. With the resolution of public convenience and prosperous Pandaria, MLA Bhavna Bohra is continuously working in Pandaria Assembly. Along with being a social worker, as a public representative, MLA Bhavna Bohra, who stays with the public in every happiness and sorrow, inaugurated the Jan Seva Hi Bhavna Seva Suvidha Center (MLA Office) in village Indori today as per her resolution made in Bhavna Didi’s Guarantee. Earlier also, Bhavna Bohra inaugurated the center in the forest area Kukdur, Pandaria, Pandatarai and Ranveerpur area for the development of the area and suggestions from the public and major issues from the area. In this sequence, today she also inaugurated this center in village Indori.

During this, Bhavna Bohra said that our main objective of establishing this center is to communicate directly with the public and to know the major issues related to the area so that it can be resolved appropriately at the right time and along with the solution of the problems of the public, the development of the area can also be ensured. Whether it is the fulfillment of the aspirations of the people or our resolution to make Pandaria prosperous and happy, we are committed to fulfill our duties keeping in mind the cooperation and suggestions of the public. Today, with the establishment of this center in Indori, the people of the area will get information and benefits of government schemes near their village, as well as the facility of quick resolution of local issues, their needs and problems, for which they will not have to face the inconvenience of going to the district or tehsil office.

Bhavna Bohra further said that during the assembly elections, we had assured the people to establish this center in 7 major places of the assembly for the convenience of the public in Bhavana Didi’s Guarantee Seva Sankalp Patra and today I am happy that we have established this center in 5 places where work has also started and soon this center will be established in the remaining two places as well, for which we have also started preparations. Our aim is to provide maximum basic facilities and government schemes to the public. Information about roads, electricity, water, sanitation and major development works related to the area becomes clear when we directly communicate with the public. We also get better suggestions from the public for their resolution, and efforts to fulfill them are always our priority. We are confident that with the establishment of this center, their problems will be resolved quickly and our resolution of a prosperous Pandaria by expanding basic facilities will definitely be fulfilled with public cooperation and suggestions. I congratulate all the people of the area for this.

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