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Work in the capital city to provide pure drinking water to the general public

Work in the capital city to provide pure drinking water to the general public

Raipur. The Central Government’s Housing and Urban Ministry has issued Amrit Mitra Yojana for water management and maintenance of gardens by women self-help groups. The main objective of which is to provide pure drinking water management and domestic drinking water facility to the general public by women self-help groups in Amrit cities. Help can be provided through the said scheme for the livelihood of the groups.

As per the instructions of the Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Urban Administration and Development Minister Arun Saw, to propagate the drinking water facility, maintenance and maintenance of gardens and awareness about the utility and importance of water to the general public, 07 groups out of the registered women self-help groups of Municipal Corporation, Raipur have been assigned the work of operation and maintenance of 09 gardens constructed under Amrit Mission Yojana and maintenance of 12 high-level water reservoirs and drinking water management on the honorarium of Swachhata Didi fixed by the state government. At present, work has been started by 04 groups. Under which regular cleaning of gardens, tree plantation, beautification and maintenance work, promotion of water security campaign and cleaning of the premises of the reservoir for high level reservoirs by the groups and testing of pressure and quality of drinking water reaching the last person is being done through the zone. Women of groups appointed in high level reservoirs have been given training in the filter plant today in the presence of Executive Engineer Anshul Sharma on the instructions of Raipur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Abinash Mishra. He told that the work of regular cleaning has been started by the groups appointed in the gardens.

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