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When their lost mobile phone was found

When their lost mobile phone was found

In today’s era, mobile phones have become an important part of life and if this phone is lost or stolen, the pain and disappointment of the mobile owner can hardly be imagined. Similarly, the happiness of more than 150 mobile phone owners knew no bounds when they got their lost mobile phones back.


In the last few months, while acting on complaints of mobile theft and loss of mobile phones, Jabalpur Police has recovered 161 mobile phones. The value of the mobile phone recovered by the police is said to be around Rs 24 lakh. Today, Superintendent of Police Aditya Pratap Singh and other officers handed over the lost mobile phones to their owners in the Police Control Room of Jabalpur. People’s happiness knew no bounds after getting their lost and stolen mobile phones back through police officers. He wholeheartedly praised the police department and officers.

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