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Water shortage on this Italian island, ban on tourists

Water shortage on this Italian island, ban on tourists

The ban on tourists on the Italian island of Capri was lifted on Saturday. Actually, there was a shortage of water here for the last few days. Due to this, a ban was imposed on tourists coming here. Now that the problem of water supply on this island, famous for holidays, has been resolved, tourists have been allowed to come here again.

Supply affected due to technical problem
Capri Mayor Paolo Falco said that the water supply from the mainland was affected due to some technical problem. Due to this we had to take strict measures. Now that everything is fine, the ban has been lifted.

Many morning boats had to return to the port
The ban was announced on Saturday morning, due to which many morning boats going to the island from Naples and Sorrento in southern Italy had to return to the port. Justifying the ban, Falco made everyone aware of the emergency situation. He said most parts of the island had water on Friday, but local tanks would run out by Saturday morning. If the thousands of tourists who visit Capri every day were not stopped, the situation would go from bad to worse.

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