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This year, the highest number of air conditioners can be sold

This year, the highest number of air conditioners can be sold

Due to the scorching heat, a record 1.4 crore air conditioners (ACs) can be sold across the country this year. Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (SIEMA) President Sunil Vachani said, “Record sales of ACs have been made in May.” Sales can increase by 30-40 percent in summer.

Vachani said, rising temperatures and hot winds have now made domestic ACs an essential need in urban areas. With the market developing, it is expected that the annual sales in the country will be around 1.4 crore units, which shows the strong expansion of the sector. Indian residential air conditioner sales are expected to increase to about one to 1.11 crore units.

Increase in sales of ice cream and soft drinks

Amid the scorching heat in many parts of the country, sales of cola, beverages, ice cream and other cooling products have increased strongly. Companies like PepsiCo India and Coca Cola say that they have prepared their inventory in view of the possibility of a huge increase in demand.

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