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The risk of fungal infection increases in monsoon

The risk of fungal infection increases in monsoon

The monsoon season has arrived and everyone likes this season very much. While everything looks green in this season, this season brings with it many types of diseases. There is moisture in this season, in which fungi grow. There is a high risk of fungal infection in this season.

That’s why you should take care of some things. Today we will tell you about those things, so that you can avoid this problem.

Keep these places clean (Fungal Infection In Monsoon)

One should take bath daily in monsoon season, but there are some places in our body where fungal infection occurs quickly. Keep the area between the feet, between the fingers and between the thighs clean and dry. Fungal infection can occur due to moisture in these places.

Anti-fungal powder will be useful (Fungal Infection In Monsoon)
To avoid fungal infection during rainy season, use anti-fungal powder on the body. Especially in those areas where there is excessive sweating. You will easily find anti-fungal powder in the market.

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