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Take investment decisions based on need and goal

Take investment decisions based on need and goal

The stock market is moving in one direction only…upwards. This has naturally forced new investors to worry about their investments. These days, the most frequently asked questions to me are about the current situation in the market and I find it difficult to answer it, because you neither invest nor exit because the market is up or down. You should invest based on your need and conviction, not for other reasons.

Let me explain it in a simple way. We all eat to stay healthy. There are some people who are advised to eat less due to health problems. But, those who do not have any health problem, there is no restriction on their food. Still, a person eats something and does not eat something based on his likes and dislikes. No other factor works in this. An investor should also take a decision on whether to stay invested or exit in the same way.

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