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Priyanka Chopra’s neck injury while shooting stunt scene

Priyanka Chopra's neck injury while shooting stunt scene

Priyanka Chopra is working in many films back to back. Priyanka has not appeared in any Bollywood film for a long time, so fans are eagerly waiting for her film. Priyanka is also very active on social media and often shares photos and videos with fans. Meanwhile, Priyanka has shared a picture, which has worried her fans.

Actually, the global star is busy shooting for her upcoming film ‘The Bluff’ these days and has shared a photo from the shooting of this upcoming film. Priyanka has shared this photo of her on Instagram story, in which a deep cut can be seen in her neck. Priyanka told in the post that she got this injury while shooting an action sequence. After this photo of Priyanka surfaced, fans of Desi Girl have come under tension.

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