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Presidential election on July 5 after record low voter turnout in Iran

Presidential election on July 5 after record low voter turnout in Iran

Social reformer Masoud Pezeshkian and hardliner Saeed Jalili won the election in Iran but no one got a majority. Due to which, presidential elections will be held again in Iran on July 5 next week. Al Jazeera has given this information.

Record low voting after 1979

According to Iran’s Interior Ministry, only 40 percent of the more than 61 million eligible Iranians participated in the voting. Which is the record lowest voting in the elections held after 1979. According to the data of the Ministry’s Election Headquarters, Pezeshkian got more than 10.41 million votes out of a total of 24.5 million ballots and lagged behind former nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili by 9.47 million votes. According to Al Jazeera’s report, presidential elections have been held only for the second time after the 1979 revolution.

Low number of votes cast in Iran

After the death of Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash in May, Iran is holding presidential elections. Votes were cast for the presidential election on Friday. However, not much enthusiasm was seen among the public regarding the elections. This is the lowest voter turnout in Iran’s presidential election in the last four decades, 48.8 percent, during the last election, when Ibrahim Raisi was elected president. Only 41 percent voting took place in the parliamentary elections held in March and May.

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