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Patients did dance and fashion walk after joint transplant surgery

Patients did dance and fashion walk after joint transplant surgery

Raipur. Recently, a program was organized in Ramakrishna Care Hospital Bilaspur in which joint transplant specialist Dr. Ankur Singhal invited the patients who had undergone surgery, in which the patients not only shared their experience but also showed that they are completely fit by doing fashion walk and dance. Some patients were 80 to 85 years old who told how they used to walk with a stick before the operation and today they are able to walk well without support. There were many patients who used to take the help of wheel chair but they are also living a normal life after the operation.

These patients were relieved by the well-known joint transplant surgeon of Ramakrishna Care Hospital, Dr. Ankur Singhal, through Minimum Cut Technique (MCT). In which the patient is made to walk after three hours and they are also made to climb the stairs, which helps in their recovery faster. Dr. Singhal told that Minimum Cut Technique (MCT) is that in this, operation is done through small incision, no stitches are put on the skin, the patient is made to walk after 3 hours, the patient feels less pain, his recovery is fast, blood transfusion is not required. Due to this, the patient recovers very soon and returns to normal life in about 1 month.

Their knees which were crooked have also been cured and they are walking 4 to 5 kilometers daily, some patients have also got jobs because they had lost their tongue due to knee and hip problems. Now all those patients are very happy because they are now able to climb stairs easily and have also started running. They are also dancing with a cheerful mind and they have started feeling that they are now completely fit like in their earlier age. Their lifestyle is also the same. Dr. Ankur Singhal said that joint arthritis is a common disease but it has become the biggest disease in the world and is increasing day by day. Not only do you need awareness in this but you also need the right treatment. Dr. Singhal told the patients about joint arthritis and its prevention as well as at what stage this surgery is done.

A large and experienced team provides its services for the treatment of bone diseases in Ramakrishna Care Hospital. In this, patients are treated by Dr. Pankaj Ghabaliya, HOD of Orthopedic and Joint Transplant Department, Consultant Trauma and Joint Transplant Dr. Lalit Jain, Consultant Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Suman Kumar Nag, Consultant Joint Transplant Dr. Ankur Singhal.

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