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Now drones will extinguish forest fires

Now drones will extinguish forest fires

Now drones can be used to extinguish forest fires, spray on crops and send relief material in disasters. Under the new drone policy, Information Technology Development Agency, ITDA has listed 23 drone companies in six categories. All departments will be able to get work done from these companies according to their needs.

ITDA Director Nitika Khandelwal said that we have listed 23 drone companies in six categories based on all technical standards. Departments can get work done with the help of all these companies. For this, they will have to issue a tender.

ITDA has listed 23 drone companies in mapping, surveillance, agriculture, training, fire fighting and logistics categories on meeting the technical standards. A large number of these are startups. A maximum of 13 companies have been listed for mapping. The department can get all the work related to its property and other mapping done from any of these companies.

Youth and women will be trained in drone operation

Six companies have been listed for surveillance work. All these companies will be able to monitor various projects etc. Two drone companies have been listed for agriculture, with the help of which all agricultural work can be done from spraying on crops. One company each has been listed for training, fire fighting and logistics.

The company selected for training will be able to train youth and women in drone operation. It will also be able to provide other drone related training. With the help of fire fighting drones, it will be possible to extinguish fires from forests to houses. With the help of logistics drone company, relief material can be sent from one place to another.

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