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Municipal Corporation ready to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, special teams formed, spraying of anti-larva, fogging

Municipal Corporation ready to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, special teams formed, spraying of anti-larva, fogging

Raipur. This year, preparations are being made in the health department of Municipal Corporation Raipur to effectively prevent mosquito-borne diseases in all 70 wards of the capital city Raipur before the monsoon. In this regard, today, Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Raipur, Abinash Mishra discussed with the officials of the Municipal Corporation Health Department and directed to make effective implementation for effective control of mosquito-borne diseases keeping in view the public health safety in public interest. The Municipal Corporation has made preparations to provide relief to the general public with the help of subject experts for effective control of mosquito-borne diseases before and during the monsoon this year. For this, special teams have been formed and subject experts have been included in it, along with conducting anti-larva treatment on a large scale and running fogging campaigns, along with listening to the complaints of the citizens regarding this and getting them resolved as far as possible, feedback of the citizens will be taken on the mosquito control campaign. This work will be done by setting up a control room on the instructions of the Municipal Corporation Commissioner. The work of making the citizens health conscious will be done by giving information about the causes, symptoms, simple measures of prevention of mosquito-borne diseases among the citizens through public announcement, pamphlets, social media in the settlements, colonies, streets, mohallas of the wards. The Municipal Corporation Health Department has made a humble appeal to all the citizens of the city area to wear full sleeve clothes, not to throw the garbage of houses and shops in drains, sewers, ponds, wells, streets, roads, public places, but to give dry and wet garbage in separate dustbins to the corporation Safai Mitra in the cleaning vehicle every day regularly, pay attention to the cleanliness of the house and its surroundings, use mosquito nets before and during the monsoon, eat easily digestible, fresh, hot food items.

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