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Mp News : Unique opportunity to see the rule of Gond kings and medieval monuments

Mp News : Unique opportunity to see the rule of Gond kings and medieval monuments

The Principal Secretary of Culture and Tourism, Shri Shivshekhar Shukla inaugurated the photo exhibition of monuments related to Gond period princely states of Madhya Pradesh in the State Museum located at Shyamala Hills by the Directorate of Archaeology Archives and Museum. In this, along with historical documents related to Gond period political events, administrative decisions and other subjects, photographs, map symbols and genealogy of the rulers of Gond period princely states are also being displayed. The exhibition will remain open till July 16. Entry is free.

The Gond rulers have an important contribution in the medieval history of India. Information about this dynasty is available from Gadheshanrupvarnanam Akbar Nama and Ramnagar inscription of 1667 AD and Sangram Shah’s coins. The first ruler of this dynasty was Yadavrai or Jadorai, thereafter Kharji, Gorakshadas, Sangindas (Sukhandas) and Arjundas became the rulers of this dynasty. Arjundas’s son Amhandas (Amandas), who became the ruler of the Gond kingdom by the name of Sangramshah, was a glorious king of this dynasty. Being a contemporary of the Lodi Sultan of Delhi and Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, Sangram Shah played an important role in medieval history.

According to Gadheshanrupvarnanam, there were 52 forts under the jurisdiction of Sangramshah. Among these forts, Garha, Marugarh, Sigongarh, Amoda, Tipagarh, Amargarh, Devhar, Patangarh, Fatehpur, Chaurai Diyagarh, Pawai Karhi (Panna), Damoh, Ghamauni, Hata, Madiyadi, Garhakota, Shahgarh, Garhpahara, Rahli Khimlasa, Ginnaurgarh, Barigarh, Chowkigarh, Rahatgarh, Makdai, Karubagh, Kurwai, Bhopal, Opadgarh (near Bhopal), Deori, Jagdishpur and Gaur Jhamar were important forts. Later, Gond kings also had forts at Devgarh (Chhindwara), Kherla (Betul) and Sanwaligarh (Betul). During the time of Rani Durgavati, these forts remained under their control. Brave Rani Durgavati was a popular ruler. She was the daughter-in-law of Sangram Shah and the wife of Dalpati Shah. She had bravely discharged her duties successfully and fought against the Mughals.

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