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Most work in this field, 10 lakh people got employment

Most work in this field, 10 lakh people got employment

The annual turnover of Khadi and Village Industries crossed Rs 1.50 lakh crore for the first time in 2023-24. During this period, it employed more than 10 lakh people. Khadi and Village Industries Commission Chairman Manoj Kumar said on Tuesday, the increase in employment worked to strengthen the rural economy. He said, creation of new employment in Khadi and Village Industries activities increased by 81 percent in the 10 years since 2013-14. During this period, production increased by 315 percent and sales of Khadi and Village Industries products increased by 400 percent.

Gaming industry will be worth Rs 23,100 crore in 2024-25
The Indian gaming industry can grow by 20 percent to Rs 23,100 crore in the current financial year. According to a Grant Thornton report, the number of online gamers in India has surpassed China to reach 442 million. The report advocated a comprehensive code of conduct for the gaming industry that sets standards of ethical behavior to ensure accountability and transparency.

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