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Mitanin is helpful in health and first aid of workers: CMHO

Mitanin is helpful in health and first aid of workers: CMHO

Sarangarh Bilaigarh. On the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer Dharmesh Kumar Sahu, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Awadhesh Panigrahi, through Block Medical Officers, Mitanins and Coordinators, provided first aid kits to the Mitanins at the work place to take care of the health of the workers working under MNREGA. Instructions have been given to remain present together. In compliance with the instructions, the policemen working in the district are seen providing first aid to the workers in a spirit of service by keeping them present till the completion of their work. Dr. Awadhesh Panigrahi said that this is the time when MNREGA works are going on in almost all the Gram Panchayats of the district. At the same time, due to the scorching heat in the district these days, there is a possibility of the workers’ health deteriorating, keeping this in mind, the Mitanins working in the district have been instructed to remain present at the labor sites and provide first aid to the needy. Mitaneen is discharging his responsibility well and providing first aid to NREGA workers at the work site with his medicine box. Essential life-saving medicines like medicines for the treatment of pain, fever, gas, watery diarrhoea, dressings for minor injuries and sprains etc. have been made available in the Mitanin medicine box. Adequate quantity of ORS has also been arranged to prevent dehydration during summer.

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