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Meta AI launched in India too

Meta AI launched in India too

Meta has launched its AI tool Meta AI in India too. Earlier this tool was live in many countries like America. Meta AI is also like OpenAI’s chattool ChatGPT. You can ask all kinds of questions from Meta AI. Apart from this, you can also get AI images created from it. Meta AI support has also been released for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and

Meta AI has been built with the support of Meta Llama 3, which is Meta’s most advanced Large Language Model (LLM). You can use Meta AI in many apps apart from feed, chat. With its help, you can also create content. Apart from this, you can also ask math questions from it.


If you want to access it from a computer, then you have to go to and then login with Facebook ID. Currently, only Facebook users can use Meta AI. Meta AI competes directly with Google Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The company has not provided any option other than Facebook for login. However, when we tried to use it, we got a message that Meta AI is currently not available in India. The company has given information about the launch of Meta AI in India through a press release.

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