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India will give aid of 1 million dollars to Papua New Guinea

India will give aid of 1 million dollars to Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief over the death of more than two thousand people and displacement of ten thousand people in Papua New Guinea (PNG) due to landslide and said, our condolences to the affected families and I pray for the speedy recovery of the injured.

PM Modi said, India is ready to provide all possible help and support. Also, India’s Foreign Ministry has announced to provide aid of 1 million dollars to PNG for immediate relief.

So far 670 bodies have been recovered, threat of landslide remains

Two thousand people were buried under the rock in the landslide that occurred on Friday in Yambli village of Enga state of Papua New Guinea. All of them are now considered dead. Around 670 bodies have been recovered. At present, the threat of landslide is again looming in the areas around Yambli. Keeping in mind the landslides caused by continuous rain and waterlogging, about 10 thousand people have been evacuated from their homes and sent to safer places.

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