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Happiness coming in the accounts of women, Mahtari Vandan strengthens the path of women empowerment

Happiness coming in the accounts of women, Mahtari Vandan strengthens the path of women empowerment

Raipur. Vishnu Dev Sai government in the state is transferring one thousand rupees every month to the accounts of 70 lakh women. With this scheme, not only have women got their own amount to spend, but families have also become stronger from the economic point of view. If you look at the use of this amount by women after the Mahtari Vandan scheme came in the entire state, then you will find that women are keeping some part of it safe for future needs as always.

Women have started RD on a large scale in post offices and long lines of women are seen in every post office of the state. Women are not only saving it according to future needs but are also indirectly contributing to the gross domestic savings of the nation. The stronger the percentage of gross domestic savings, it will also be good from the point of view of better flow of the economy. There is also a trend of SIP through mutual funds in big cities like Raipur, Durg-Bhilai and Bilaspur. Women want to take advantage of the stock market and for this they are entering it through mutual funds. The trend so far has been that SIP has been very useful in terms of returns for the long term.

The second trend is about investment in education, for women whose children are preparing for the exams to be given at the pre-graduate and graduate level, they are investing the amount earned through the Mahtari Vandan Yojana. Through this they are bearing the monthly expenses of coaching etc. and are arranging books etc. for their children.

Women have also found a third way to spend the amount of Mahtari Vandan Yojana. They have moved on the path of entrepreneurship. They are buying equipment like sewing machines required for entrepreneurship on EMI and are paying the amount every month from the amount received from the Mahtari Vandan Yojana. Women say that they have seen the working style of Prime Minister Modi ji in the last decade. He fulfills what he says. He had promised the women of Chhattisgarh that under the Mahtari Vandan Yojana, an amount of one thousand rupees will be transferred to the accounts of women every month. Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Dev Sai’s government implemented this scheme very soon after taking charge of Chhattisgarh and women said that this amount is coming to their accounts every month.

Sai government is sending happiness in the form of one thousand rupees to the accounts of mothers and sisters of the state every month and women are buying happiness from it. This scheme is proving to be very important in strengthening the mother power of Chhattisgarh and filling enthusiasm in their lives.

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