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Glimpse of women empowerment will be seen in 857 polling stations of Raipur Lok Sabha.

Glimpse of women empowerment will be seen in 857 polling stations of Raipur Lok Sabha.

Raipur. There was a time when women in the world were not given voting rights. When the Constitution was made in India, not only women were given voting rights but many works were done for their empowerment. Due to these actions, democracy has become very strong and women are not only using the franchise in maximum numbers but they are also playing a big role in conducting the elections. Women will take charge of more than 42 percent of the polling booths in Raipur district. At the same time, North Assembly of Raipur is such an area where 100 percent women voting party will conduct the elections in the polling stations.

There are a total of 1907 polling stations in the district, out of which 857 polling stations are in the hands of women. There are 203 booths in the North Assembly, in which all the voting parties will be women. Their ARO is also lady Mrs. Nidhi Sahu. The women voting contingent is excited by this effective step of the district administration. They have also taken the training with full dedication.

As per the instructions of District Election Officer and Collector Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh, this time better facilities are being provided to the women of the polling party to stay in the centre. Medical kits are being provided to all women polling parties, which will include ORS and medicines, along with sanitary pads. Arrangements have been made for their food, snacks and drinking water. There will be facility of lemonade from time to time. Not only this, other important things including soap, brush, oil will also be given to the team before leaving. There will be arrangements for coolers, fans, mattresses, sheets and pillows at their place of stay. The polling party will not face any problems in transportation. For this, the facility of small buses is being provided.

Permanent toilet for women in strong room complex
After the end of voting, EVMs have to be deposited in the strong room located at Sejbahar. To ensure that women do not face any kind of problem during this period, strong rooms have been made for permanent toilets in the premises.

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