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Fun loving earbuds, enjoy gaming with music

Fun loving earbuds, enjoy gaming with music

The earbuds market has become quite boring in the last few years. However, Nu Republic has taken the responsibility of breaking this boring market, which has launched a special gaming earbuds, which gives you the fun of gaming along with listening to music. Also, the design is different from all others, so should you buy these earbuds, so let’s know about this

Nu Republic CyberStud earbuds are different in terms of design. At first glance, the earbuds look like a gaming device. Its design is like a spinner, which is used for gaming. It has been introduced in black and red color options. A gaming display is found in the center, in which some blue lights are seen. Sound comes when its wings are opened. It is a multi-use device. With this, the spinner can be used by putting the earbuds to work. Type-C charging port has been given in the earbuds. If we talk about its design, then the earbuds come in a semi-transparent design, which looks very beautiful.

What is special

In this earbuds, you get great loud voice clarity. Also, high bass is given. In such a situation, you get a great experience of listening to music. It provides the facility to control sound tracks and calls. Meaning when you go to find earbuds worth Rs 2500, I don’t think you will get such a great voice quality option with this design. Especially the sound quality of the earbuds has impressed me, because I did not expect such great voice quality in this budget. It has 40ms low latency, which gives a great experience during gaming. Also, ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) has been given. In such a situation, it reduces the surrounding noise, which gives a clear voice.

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