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Finprov Learning Launches Simulated Learning Platform ‘PracticePot’ for Skill Development

Finprov Learning Private Limited helps graduates get jobs through the simulated learning platform ‘PracticePot’ aimed at enhancing skill development. This innovative initiative allows students to gain practical experience by engaging with simulated real time live projects.

Empowering Careers with Practical Skills

By using real time live projects into the learning process, PracticePot connects theoretical knowledge with practical application. It gives graduates the hands-on expertise needed to succeed in todays competitive job market. This platform is changing how skill courses are taught, making sure learners are ready for industry demands.

Finprov learning has been accredited by NSDC, ISO and STED council and also partners with leading software providers like SAP, Tally, and Zoho Books. Finprov also received the Star Career Counsellor Award from Tally and was recognized as the Best Skill Training Institution by the Association of Commerce Teachers Idukki, Kerala. Finprov is a leading upskilling partner for different universities and leading colleges.

Finprov Learning focuses on providing a well-rounded education beyond traditional studies to prepare their students for todays competitive job market. The training emphasiseson practical skills with over 100 real-life case studies and assignments. Finprov offers certifications recognized worldwide to boost students credentials and use technology, e-learning modules and fun activities to keep learning engaging. Students also gain hands-on experience filing statutory returns and preparing for bank tests using mock websites.

Finprov’s curriculum is designed with input from employers to ensure it meets industry standards. Finprov also offers placement training to help students improve their interview skills and personality development. Industry experts regularly share their knowledge with students, and we collaborate with colleges to enhance career opportunities. For flexibility, students have the option to attend classes both online and offline.

Areas of Expertise

Finance & Accounting: Finprov provides accounting courses from 15 days to 9 months to meet the high demand for accounting professionals. These courses such as PG Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (PGDIFA), PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGBAT), Business Accounting Specialist Program (BASP), International Business Accounting Professional (IBAP) prepare graduates for job opportunities in India and in the Gulf countries. The staff are experienced accounting professionals who provide high-quality education with 24*7 mentorship support. With modern facilities and a commitment to excellence, Finprov ensures their students receive the best training and resources to help them achieve their career goals.

Digital Marketing: The digital marketing field is frequently changing at present. Finprov offers digital marketing course specializing in AI and eCommerce to fulfil the demand for online presence and digital strategies in businesses. These courses ranging from one to six months are designed for roles like digital marketing managers, SEO specialists, content marketers, social media managers, and data analysts.

Banking: Bank jobs are highly sought-after for their competitive pay and stability in the job market. Finprov offers online coaching for bank exams and retail bank training for private bank jobs, helping aspirants prepare effectively to secure their dream jobs in just four months.

Finprov identifies each individuals unique talents and help them achieve their career goals. Finprov also provides 360-degree career assistance to all learners, assisting candidates to get public and private bank jobs.

About Finprov

Finprov started in 2019 when its founder, CA Anand Kumar, and his team of industry experts noticed a huge skill gap in the job market. Despite good grades, many graduates struggled to find jobs because of the lack of industry-relevant skills.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) predicts India will face a 29-million skill deficit by 2030. Finprov addresses this gap by offering practical training that equips graduates with essential skills for todays workplaces. Starting small in Kochi, Finprov now runs 11 centres across South India and online learning worldwide.

True to their tagline Skill UP Rise UP, Finprov is steadfast on its vision to be the premier one-stop solution for skilling, connecting learners and employers through comprehensive learning experiences. It has a strong record, successfully placing 90% of its students who complete its job-focused programs.

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