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Emoha Partners with Aditya Birla Health Insurance to Provide Holistic Eldercare Solutions

Emoha, Indias premier eldercare brand, celebrates five years of revolutionizing the eldercare space with the launch of a groundbreaking initiative. Fuelled by a recent funding, Emoha is poised to extend its reach to the senior citizen segment of Indias population. In a landmark move, Emoha partnered with Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited (“ABHICL“),the health insurance joint venture of Aditya Birla Capital, a leading diversified financial services conglomerate in India.

This collaboration will empower ABHICL to offer personalized senior care solutions to its corporate clients and group mediclaim policyholders, thereby extending Emohas comprehensive services to a wider audience across the nation. Through this partnership, Emoha reinforces its commitment of providing exceptional care and support to every elder in need, and aims to transform the landscape of eldercare in India, championing independence and dignity for the aging population.

The collaboration with ABHI will empower Emoha to forge a path towards a future where senior care is not only accessible, but also tailored to address the unique needs of each individual in the family.

Strengthened by recent investments, the company is poised for rapid growth, having raised USD 11mn in the Pre-Series B round at the platform level. With its propositions, Emoha aims to empower both seniors to live more independently and working generations to provide optimal care to their loved ones.

Talking about recent collaborations Mr. Saumyajit Roy, Co-founder & CEO of Emoha added, “Our new strategic partnerships with ABHICL will allow us to significantly expand our reach and offerings for the elderly across India, ensuring holistic care for their emotional, physical and financial well-being. Group mediclaim policies typically cover the employee, their spouse, and children, but often exclude the parents of the employee. Emoha bridges this gap by offering care to the employees parents. The recent funding is a testament to the confidence in our mission and approach. This investment will fuel our expansion plans, enabling us to forge more strategic partnerships and introduce innovative service offerings. We are committed to revolutionizing the eldercare landscape, ensuring that every senior citizen in India has access to personalized care that fosters independence and dignity.”

Under this partnership, ABHICL will extend the benefits offered by Emoha to its group mediclaim policyholders, thereby ensuring complete healthcare coverage for parents of its employees.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Mayank Bathwal, CEO of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited, said, We are happy to collaborate with Emoha and integrate their innovative services into our offerings for our group mediclaim policyholders. By combining Emohas tech-driven personalized care model with our comprehensive health insurance solutions, we will further enhance the standard of elderly care and ensure holistic coverage for the entire family.”

Talking about investments and future plans Mr. Pankaj Arora Chief Growth Officer (CGO), Emoha added, “Young adults often face immense stress juggling work and caring for aging lovedones. Emoha is here to change that. With a mission to revolutionize eldercare in India, were committed to serving 2 million elders this year. By partnering with corporations, we offer tailored eldercare solutions, empowering employees with peace of mind to focus on their careers and personal lives. Our comprehensive services ensure their loved ones receive high-quality care, fostering independence and dignity. This creates a win-win: employees gain peace of mind, boosting productivity and engagement, while companies benefit from a happier, more focused workforce. Together, lets build a future where eldercare is a shared journey, creating a more supportive and compassionate society for all.”

Emoha provides comprehensive in-home and doorstep services to seniors, empowering them to live independently and with dignity. Since its inception in 2019, Emohas community-centric and technology-driven approach has transformed the eldercare landscape, touching the lives of over 60,000 seniors across 120 cities in India. By offering essential support and companionship, Emoha ensures the safety and well-being of the elderly through a network of dedicated caregivers and specialized services. The companys expansive reach includes organizing thousands of events and life-saving initiatives, making it a trusted partner for families and a frontrunner in eldercare solutions.

About Emoha

Emoha means a home. We are a pioneering force in transforming the landscape of elder care in India, dedicated to the philosophy of “aging magnificently“. Our mission is to empower seniors to lead joyful, independent lives while providing families with peace of mind. With a comprehensive range of services, including safety and security through our 24/7 emergency helpdesk, convenience and support for daily tasks, and a focus on health and wellness, Emoha ensures a holistic and fulfilling experience for seniors right in their own homes. At Emoha, community engagement is fundamental, offering interactive virtual events, exclusive clubs, and activities that foster a sense of belonging and companionship. Our membership plans to cater to diverse needs, ensuring every senior and their family members receive personalised care and support. Join us in embracing a new way of life for your parents, where “Ab Khulke Jiyo” is a way of living gracefully and joyously in the golden years.

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