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Dirt in Sweet Welcome Fruit Zone in Saddu, fine

Dirt in Sweet Welcome Fruit Zone in Saddu, fine

Raipur. On receipt of public complaint, as per the orders of Municipal Corporation Commissioner Abinash Mishra and Municipal Corporation Health Officer Dr. Trupti Panigrahi and as per the instructions of Municipal Corporation Zone 9 Zone Commissioner Santosh Pandey, the team of Health Department of Municipal Corporation Zone No. 9, Zone Health Officer Mr. Atmanand Sahu, Zone Sanitation In the presence of Inspector Mahendra Kalihari, Sanitation Supervisor Bhola Tiwari, he conducted a surprise inspection to get information about the situation in the Welcome Fruit Zone in Saddu area of Kushbhau Thakre Ward No. 7 under Zone 9 and saw the cleanliness firsthand. During site inspection there, public complaint regarding filth was found to be true. The operator of the shop concerned at the site was immediately fined Rs 1500, given a stern warning for the future and instructions were given to improve the cleanliness system and the public complaint received at the zone level was immediately resolved.

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