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“Destination Japan” – A Japan-Focused Skill Development Program Attracts Japanese MNCs & Universities to SRM University-AP

SRM University-AP, with its uniquely curated “Destination Japan” program for its highly skilled Engineering & Non-engineering Students, is an initiative by the university to address the growing demand for human resources in Japan. The “Destination Japan” program provides well-equipped engineers with valuable industry skills and well acquainted with Japanese culture. Under the programme, students are trained in the Japanese language, Japanese traditions, and work culture from the first year onwards, which helps them easily assimilate into the country’s workforce. The initiative also welcomes reputed companies from Japan to directly hire skilled engineering graduates from core engineering fields to enhance their manpower.

Students and SRM Team with Forum Engineering Inc. and CRESCO Ltd., Japan recruiters

SRM University-AP has also signed MOUs with multiple universities in Japan for faculty & student exchange programs, collaborative R&D projects, Hi-tech & innovative labs and other academic initiatives complementing the “Destination Japan” program.

To further enhance this mutual alliance, the Director of Corporate Relations & Career Services of SRM University-AP, Dr Vivekanandan M S, has visited prospective companies and industries in Hamamatsu, Japan, during which he presented the stellar record of engineering graduates being nurtured at the varsity and the possible partnership for recruitment and employment.

SRM University-AP has also signed an agreement with the Shizuoka Government to foster Indo-Japanese academic and recruitment partnerships. These partnerships enable internships in Japanese organisations, admissions to universities for higher studies, and good career placement opportunities for their students in Japan.

Under the “Destination Japan” program, direct campus recruitment has begun with the visit of recruitment teams from two reputed Japanese companies, Forum Engineering Inc. and CRESCO Ltd., to hire proficient engineering graduates. This is a remarkable accomplishment for the university to ensure international placements for its students.

Forum Engineering Inc. and CRESCO Ltd., Japan Recruitment Teams at SRM University-AP

A recruitment team of four from CRESCO Ltd., including the Managing Executive Officer, and a team of two from Forum Engineering Inc. visited the university campus. The team included engineers, HR Managers and other professionals.

Many more Japanese companies are lined up for campus visits & recruitment in the coming months.

In an interaction with the recruitment teams from Japan, Mr Satoshi Iwami, Managing Executive Officer of CRESCO, remarked, “As we are facing a shortage of IT engineers not only in our company but all over Japan, and with the SRM AP harbouring excellent IT engineers, we decided that an alliance would greatly benefit both parties.”

Ms Saho Funahashi, UI/UX Designer at CRESCO, said, “The students Japanese skills have impressed me. SRM University-AP has helped students understand the practical way of studying engineering through its impressive resources. This would greatly benefit them in a techno-driven country like Japan.”

Mr Mitsutaka Sekino, Operating Officer of Forum Engineering and Director of Cognavi India, is very impressed with the excellent students he has hired from the university, their proficiency in Japanese and their work ethic.

He said, “Japans declining population will have a negative impact on the Japanese economy, but recruiting talented engineers from SRM AP and expanding this trend will greatly contribute to Japanese companies and the Japanese economy.”

Mr Masahiro Koizumi, Senior Operating Officer of Forum Engineering and Managing Director of Cognavi India, said, “Forum Engineering came to India to recruit highly skilled engineers, secure excellent human resources, and energise existing employees by hiring its first non-Japanese. We are also looking forward to working with Forum Engineerings clients.”

In addition, Forum Engineerings clients, Japanese electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturers, are facing a shortage of engineers and are looking for help solving this structural problem.

This program is guided and driven by SRM Global Consulting Private Limited, a consulting company of SRM Group established in Japan. Speaking on this, Mr Sankar Karunanidhi, Country Manager, SRM Global Consulting, mentioned, “SRM Group has had a long-standing relationship with Japan for over 25 years. This association has helped us design this unique program and training for our university students.”

This flagship initiative by SRM University-AP is helping Japan alleviate its labour shortage in various industries. Highly skilled graduates from India can get lucrative placements in Japan, ensuring a good work-life balance and career growth opportunities. SRM University-AP, continuing its success of placing students in Japan with the dedicated program and the team behind Destination Japan, envisions placing a minimum of 120 Highly Skilled students in Japan year-on-year.

Vice Chancellor of SRM University-AP, Prof. Manoj K Arora, said this remarkable venture by the two parties would enrich the student’s academic experience, moulding them into global citizens with exceptional industry acumen. “We have established a prolific alliance with Japan. We plan to extend our collaborations to place our students in Taiwan, Canada, Germany and other European countries,” stated the head of the institution.

The continuous dedication and support from the team’s leading both nations guarantee prospective Indian graduates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure their dream careers in Japan.

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