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Chief Minister had lunch with Swachhata Didi’s

Chief Minister had lunch with Swachhata Didi's

In the seminar organized on the sacrifice day of Maharani Durgavati, Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai had lunch with Swachhata Didi’s on a plate and dona made of leaves. Didi’s of Janjati Gaurav Samaj served food to the Chief Minister. On this occasion, Agriculture Minister Ramvichar Netam and Women and Child Development Minister Laxmi Rajwada also had lunch with Swachhata Didi’s.

Along with this, instructions were given to install water coolers in all 20 SLRM centers for the convenience of Swachhata Didi’s. Chief Minister also distributed Swachhata Kits to Swachhata Didi’s. Chief Minister approved Rs 50 lakh for community building on the application of Gond Samaj.

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