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After many years, today the doors of the Chief Minister are open again for the common people

After many years, today the doors of the Chief Minister are open again for the common people

Raipur. After a long gap of years, today the doors of the Chief Minister’s residence of Chhattisgarh have opened completely for the common citizens. Like today, now every week, on Thursdays, these doors will open in the same way. On these special days, any citizen, common or special, will be able to meet Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai.

In fact, as per the wish of the Chief Minister, the Chhattisgarh government has re-launched a special program – Jandarshan – from today. The format of this program of direct meeting and direct communication with the common citizens is such that people can put their views in front of the Chief Minister in a comfortable environment in the Chief Minister’s residence. They can easily convey their complaints, problems, expectations and suggestions to the Chief Minister. On one side of a simple table is the Chief Minister’s chair and on the other side is the complainant. Nearby, the senior-most officials of the state, including the officials of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, stand ready to comply with the instructions of the Chief Minister. Complaints and suggestions are duly registered, citizens are given tokens so that the action taken by the government can be monitored and the applicant can also get information about the progress from time to time. For this, a portal has been prepared, in which the applicant gets information about the progress as soon as the token number is entered.

Today, on the first day of Jandarshan, a large number of people had reached to meet the Chief Minister. Women were also included in a large number among them. As much enthusiasm was there among the citizens about the program, Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Dev Sai was also seen meeting them with the same enthusiasm and intimacy. Along with taking applications from the applicants, he was also seen talking to them in a family manner. When the women thanked him for starting the Mahtari Vandan Yojana, Shri Sai also expressed his gratitude immediately with a smile and politeness. He mingled with the children who came with the applicants and talked like a guardian. Many disabled people also reached the program with the hope of help, the hopes of all these disabled people were fulfilled, the Chief Minister showed sensitivity and directed to provide them tricycles and other assistance immediately. When a woman sought assistance for the treatment of her cancer-stricken husband, Chief Minister Mr. Sai assured her that she would be given all necessary assistance.

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