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Aastha Shah dominates Cannes Film Festival

Aastha Shah dominates Cannes Film Festival

Aastha Shah, suffering from ‘Vitiligo’, is a content creator who is spreading awareness among people about the disease. He proudly expressed himself at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. She said in a conversation, ‘For years, I struggled to feel beautiful because of my vitiligo. Today, I walked the red carpet in Cannes despite my vitiligo. I want to show everyone that beauty comes in all shades and patterns.

Aastha wore a beautiful green colored gown designed by designer Fouad Sarkis. The stunning design highlights her natural beauty, drawing attention to her vitiligo, which is both empowering and inspiring.

The content creator has received the support of the popular short video magazine ‘Brute’. He has shared a series of photos from D-Day on Instagram. Aastha wrote, ‘Green flag on the red carpet of Cannes.

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