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24 shopkeepers fined for spreading filth

24 shopkeepers fined for spreading filth

Raipur. Today, as per the orders of Raipur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Abinash Mishra and as per the instructions of Municipal Corporation Zone 2 Zone Commissioner Dr. R.K. Dongre, in the presence of Assistant Engineer P.D. Ghritalhare, Zone Health Officer Shri Ravi Lavania and related zone officers, employees, the team of Zone 2 Urban Investment and Health Department took action to remove the shopkeepers doing business from the road boundary area and free the road from encroachment by cordoning off the road on both sides from Railway Station Chowk to Fafadeep Chowk in the capital city of Raipur, due to which pedestrians and drivers got immediate relief as movement became easy. Action was taken to confiscate the goods kept on the road including the boards and advertising hoardings installed by the shopkeepers in the road boundary. In the campaign, Municipal Corporation Zone 2 collected a fine of about Rs 21000 from about 24 shopkeepers who spread filth on the road, instructing them to take care of cleanliness in future. The process of clearing the encroachments from various main roads in the capital city and imposing fines on shopkeepers who spread filth by advising them from the viewpoint of public health safety in the public interest will continue in the future as well.

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